Friday, December 25, 2009

Research is exciting but sometimes disturbing!

I bought 100 grams of organic egg white powder yesterday. As promised, I'm going to tackle getting stiff peaks with powdered egg white. This will be a good challenge to do over the xmas break when I'm not distracted. I'm going to do it without electricity using my Swift Whip. If it works I'll make macaroons.
There are two main areas of research for this blog; online and in the kitchen. I'm excited about the kitchen challenges and plan to take some good photos and fine tune some recipes. But I'm doing some thinking about some of the disturbing areas I'll have to delve into to get important background and instructional information.
I was prompted by my research in to the Siege of Malta to find instructions for identifying a cat carcass from a rabbit carcass. My first searches were disturbing! Really disturbing! My first image search threw up some confronting images which caused me to call time out. But I feel that this is an important area to explore as it is these sort of confronting ideas the age of warlords has in store. So I vow to find a good guide to carcass identification. I expect this will give me some angles to approach bush meat and road kill.
I was excited to find out about some of the British ministry for Food publications. Good Fare and Good Eating are credited with helping Britain to keep the life and culture in food during rationing. Both books played a part in the story of London and The Blitz. Britain is said to have been at it's healthiest point in it's history toward the end of WW2.

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