Friday, July 8, 2011

Malalai Joya says it best

Malalai Joya is a former Afghan parliamentarian, activist, advocate, and author. Joyas words are desperate and articulate. Below is a video of the speech that brought her to prominence. In it she calls out the warlords among the elite.

Joya's finger is on the pulse because she speaks for those on the ground who know very well that their leaders have an interest in continued conflict rather than supporting and protecting ordinary people.

A recent quote from  Malalai Joya in an interview with David Zlutnick Documentary Filmmaker- from the OnIslam website

"Now, my people, they're squashed between three powerful enemies: warlords, Taliban, occupation forces. With the withdrawal of these external enemies, my people will fight two internal enemies. They will fight steadfastly till the end because of the hatred that they have for the Taliban and also the warlords. In this presence of these occupation forces in Afghanistan, they double our miseries and make these warlords and Taliban more powerful. They make our struggle for justice, for democracy and women's rights much harder, as it now seems like Taliban times..."

Malalai Joya's latest book is titled "A Woman Among Warlords" published through Scribner 

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  1. Great to watch this at 8.22am in the morning. Saw this amazing woman on Q&A. It is good to see the speech they were referring to on that show. I got a bit annoyed watching the show because I found some of the panel (not so much the Slam poet) seemed to dismiss what she was saying and come and um and ah about choices and policies which are affecting her country.