Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Contingencies are important in planning!

Which future are we making contingencies for? Hey Western World.....What's the plan?

I went and checked around and found a site called Life after the oil crash and checked out their Preparedness Store which featured Nitro-Pak freeze dried ration packs with a thirty year shelf life and battery powered and freeze dried everything including Organic Chili Beef. It was like a camping store for people who don't know if they'll be coming back.
The site has ad listings from online book sellers and search engine corps, you know the ones. There were a range of books with titles like Long term survival in the coming Dark Age which is released by Paladin Press who entered the publishing market with a book titled 150 Questions for a Guerrilla back in the seventies. There was even a cookbook, The San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook which makes me wonder what kind of market profiling went on. I get the feeling this particular cook book is rather reliable.

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