Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our troubled future. GeoMon on food, and diesel dependency!

Well the future of which I speak may well be closer than you think. The sage of rage against the ecocidal machine has alleged that the peak oil estimates we have been given may be dodgy. The point of peak oil is a crucial one, after that point oil prices will only go up. It is extremely important that we know with as much certainty as possible when peak oil will happen. Knowing how diesel dependent modern agriculture is Geo Mon (George Monbiot) asserts that the knock-on effects of the early onset of peak oil without a prior shift to non diesel dependent agriculture would be catastrophic.
He counters the prevailing myth of modern farming productivity saying "The amazing productivity of modern farm labour has been purchased at the cost of a dependency on oil."

This makes food an even more urgent element in our troubled future. The questions are: How soon will peak oil arrive if it hasn't already? and How quickly can we dramatically reduce our dependency on diesel for farming.

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